Introductory Page

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ALOHA! I have been granted sabbatical for the fall semester 2018 for qualitative research on the following topic: active older women.

At eighty-three years of age, I am in my third career as an Associate Professor of Social Science teaching Women’s Studies, Gerontology, and Psychology courses. This summer, I am making an extended road trip on the mainland USA to interview other women who continue to be involved with a career, or who do a lot of traveling, or who are writing, or who are athletes, or who are engaged in actively living life somehow. I will not be able to reach everyone, of course, but it seems almost everyone knows at least one woman who fits that profile as well.

Please check the page in this blog for recently updated “Writing Prompts” to find out the sort of information I seek.  I would love for you and/or your friends to respond. The more responses I get, the better results my research will provide. NOTE: These questions are NOT to be answered in their entirety, but to help trigger some memories or thoughts about your life.

This blog will contain the process of research beginning on my sabbatical from Hawai`i Community College-Pālamanui in Kailua-Kona, HI during the fall semester of 2018. I will return to my teaching position as Associate Professor in spring of 2019.

If you want to view my “old” blog, please visit, which celebrated ten years the end of May, 2018.

A hui hou and Mahalo!